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Sunday, August 24

Learning to weave

We'd done a similar exercise whilst in college. And I'll definitely be trying this one out. Thought that you might want to too.

Source : Make Magazine

Wednesday, September 26

This post made my day!

Blog : Mixed Emotions

A link to this post was made in one of the groups I subscribe to for the humour as well as the illustration. Its been a while since I laughed out loud to something I was reading online. I hope it does the same for you.

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Sunday, September 23

Learn a language online

An amazing amount of information and tools are being made available for general access on the Net. It is meant to reach a wide audience but this is unlikely to happen till more people get net savvy. They are reaching out to people who'd be interested. I know I'm a candidate. I've been very keen on learning Mandarin and French. Unlikely to happen in the near future but I'm saving up the information. If any of you choose to try it out, do let me know how you fare.

If you like a conversational and situational type of teaching, download a bunch of audio files and get going. You'll be speaking Mandarin or Spanish in no time.
Chinese Pod
Spanish Sense

This site believes in repetition and rote and you need to have access to the net to use it but you have 8 or more languages to choose from.

BBC uses multimedia to teach you that basics of a few languages.
7+ by BBC

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Saturday, September 8

Two movies to see

It's been quite a while since I recommended a movie. Here are two that you must watch and both have links to reviews in case you want to do a check before watching :D If you do watch them, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought.

Chak de

and Fracture

Friday, September 7


I'm glad that art hasnt gone the way quite a few others have :D

Wednesday, September 5

Oh Calcutta!

"For Calcutta natives like me, however, Mother Teresa’s charity also evoked the colonial past — she felt she knew what was best for the third world masses, whether it was condemning abortion or offering to convert those who were on the verge of death." Chitrita Banerjee

I agree with the author and while you may not, I thought you might like to read the whole article.

Read the rest on NYT - Poor Calcutta

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Wednesday, August 29


The most beautiful rainbow that I've seen to date and it had a paler one right besides it. Dont know if it was a reflection of some sort or actually two rainbows. Wish you'll could have seen it too.