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Wednesday, October 18

So much has not changed!

kolkata - 1946 -47

Subha sent me the link to this site earlier today. She wanted me to pass it to you too. I really enjoyed going through these photographs and even made a collage out of a few :D These 60 odd photographs taken in Kolkata, between 1946-47 by American Military personnel based there then, have been acquired recently by the University of Pennsylvania.

Looks like a lot hasn't changed - the photographer was complaining of traffic jams - people as well as buffaloes. :D Burrabazaar and the signages. Overloading of public transportation. Makes me want to rush back home to old familiar sights! There are others of the Hooghly without the bridge. A Chowringhee square that I did not recognize and many other gems. Enjoy!

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Digital Voice Recorder

olympus ds2

I have now started using my voice recorder regularly and find it pretty handy and easy to use. I havent taken the trouble of installing it on the computer or using the dock. Went out and got some rechargeable AAA batteries as it goes through those pretty quickly. Mostly using it for reminders. The journaling project has not been started as yet. Pa what about you?

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Tuesday, October 17

Get your Library online!

Gala this one is for you. Zestr is an online cataloging application and an easy way to have a backup of your delicious-monster library catalog. Sign up and upload the file and access your library online.

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Sunday, October 8

It's all about Italian food.


This one's for Nanda. Mestolando. Italian Recipes. Short videos make the recipes easier to follow. And the photographs of the dishes are mouthwatering. If you do try this out leave me a comment and let me know.

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Friday, October 6


Rentometer Logo
You could do a quick check on Rentometer to see whether you're paying less or more than people around you. Let me know if you do try it out.

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Thursday, October 5

Sell by, Use by, Best before

I have so far treated all 3 as expiration dates this article explains why they're not. The other new thing that I learnt was that the temperature of the freezer within our refrigerators is not sufficient for long term storage of food. Read more in this Business Week article on The Truth About Food Expiration Dates.

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Wednesday, October 4

How about some closeups of Uma?

Originally uploaded by inkyblack.
Inspired by this and more on Inkyblack's flickr site, I was hoping to get you to take some close-ups of our gondiya ram and do a few storyboards for her baby blog. Zoom and get clicking :D