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Friday, November 24

Paint your own Penguin

Penguin is releasing a series of books with a blank front cover made with art paper for you to fill with a collage, drawing, painting or whatever. I just love the idea. There are currently 6 titles in this series called My Penguin and they plan to add more. I think these personalized books will make great gifts too. Read more on their blog and see some examples on their mini site .

Monday, November 6

Surprise visit

Got a call from Pa yesterday in the morning to tell me that Ismail was in Dhaka. He called shortly after and dropped in to visit in the evening. I probably would not have recognized him if I'd bumped into him on the street because of his beard and nor he me because of my weight. Ismail came to Dhaka to celebrate Id with his mother and relatives. It was great to see him and catch up on his khabbar.