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Sunday, December 5


Murder - Movie Poster
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All in acrylics... photos a bit blurred... quite a few unfinished... some i will touch up but most will stay the way they are... unfinished!! all comments are welcome... i've had first had experience as far as gala's opinions are concerned :D

will put up the sketches soon

click on this header to see some more or cut and paste the link below in your browser address bar...

Sunday, November 28

A nice way to remember Birthdays!

Originally uploaded by Ujwala.
The birthday alarm website sends of an automatic message to all the contacts in your hotmail address book the rest sadly you have to enter by hand. The advantage is that it automatically sends emails out to all those people for whom you have an id asking them for the birthday details... once these are received it automatically emails you reminders. Once about 10 days before the event and i think another two days before the event.... You can even enter other events like annivs, holidays etc. i've saved a copy of the page so even if this website goes under i still have all the data...

Pa and Ma arrive on Dec 2nd

Pa and Ma arrive on Dec 2nd
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They're catching the Matsyagandha on the Konkan Railways on Dec 1st and are scheduled to arrive here in Mumbai, at 6:40am on Dec 2nd. Found this map of the route on site maintained by a konkan railway enthusiast.


Originally uploaded by Ujwala.

Subha rarely raves about anything but she has about this book! Said that she even wanted to cancel appointments and stay back at home to finish it. A must read according to her. Shall add my two bits once i read it. Let me warn you that it's one of those fat humungous ones....


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Yet another movie post!

Went to see this one because of Akshaye Khanna. Wish they hadnt made him wear a switch! First part of the movie was good fun and i especially enjoyed watching "Lucky" - Arshad Warsi. I believe he has done a wonderful job in Munna Bhai MBBS too. Later half of the film was truly terrible. Would recommend that you watch half and then switch it off!

Thursday, November 25


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Another alternative to Internet Explorer - smaller footprint and apparently runs much faster.. will wait to get online on my computer to download and try but you guys can if you want to! :p


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For all you broadbanders - nanda, gala 'n rajeev...
you might like to check this out..

Skype is free Internet telephony
that just works.
Skype is for calling other people on their computers or phones. Download Skype and start calling for free all over the world

Saturday, November 20

Hum Tum

Hum Tum
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Spending the night at Sango's and watching Hum Tum for the 2nd time! Back at the hotel tomorrow. I hope I havent missed your calls!!

Saturday, November 6

Chandro Bhattacharjee

Chandro Bhattacharjee
Originally uploaded by HughPee.
I love this painting even though nanda, rajeev and ramesh seem to have similar comments about the blue flowers. I think it provides a nice contrast and the woman is beautiful!

Dewasis Das - oil

Dewasis Das - oil
Originally uploaded by HughPee.

This is a pretty large canvas - 45 inches by 45. Both the paintings are squares - :P

Nanda you have several Dewasish's - this is a painting by the same artist.

Ramesh 'n i seem to like mostly the figurative style - abstract is beyond me, atleast. Was determined to pick up paintings with men as the subject as we have mostly women from earlier.. wanted a balance ... I still think the artists seem to deal better with women as their subject even the women artists!!

Shyamal Mukherjee - Dholak player

Shyamal Mukherjee - Dholak player
Originally uploaded by HughPee.
This is one of the paintings we acquired recently. It's painted on a square acrylic sheet. The background is a brighter mustard yellow - took this picture in the evening so the colors are a bit duller.

Aik Thee Nani!

Originally uploaded by HughPee.
Saw this play last night. Really enjoyed it. Zohra is now 92 and her sister Uzra 5 years younger. They were incredibly energetic and it was a great performance.

A bit about the play....
Ajoka Theatre̢۪s Aik Thee Nani
Two sisters, separated during partition, meet after 25 years in Lahore. Their granddaughter wants to become an actress - one sister opposes this desire while the other supports it. Aik Thee Nani was written as a tribute to Zohra Segal and Uzra Butt, who went their different ways soon after partition, and could not act together on stage for several decades. Both actresses were leading ladies in Prithviraj Kapoor̢۪s travelling theatre company, Prithvi Theatres.

Monday, November 1

Sweet Distribution

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Went and distributed sweets to the children in Tollygunje Basti in honour of Rajeev's Birthday. They seemed quite thrilled. We plan to do this for all the rest of you too. If you have any preferences as to where and whom the sweets should be distributed - let me know - only it should be in kolkata!

Sunday, October 31

Kal Ho Na Ho

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Enjoyed the movie but like gala said it's a sob fest! Even sat through most of the songs without fast forwarding - gala had the cd while she was here and most of them were familiar.

And surprise, surprise.. all 3 of us watched it this evening and Pa said that he enjoyed it! So now Nadio there's only you left.. or have you watched it already??

Samsung Slim

Samsung Slim
Originally uploaded by Prabhu.

Please make a note of our no.
we can be contacted always on this number during the coming holiday. we will send additional contact no.s like kaka's etc soon.

Saturday, October 30

Dinner Party

Dinner Party
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There were 20 of us for dinner on Oct 27th. Lots of folks and fun. Gala will fill you in on the details but the Bhaskarans, Baruas, Pais, Pramodanna were amongst the guests

Click on the photograph to see more pictures..


Morning Raga

Originally uploaded by Prabhu.

Off to see this movie in just a few minutes... will update

Surprise, surprise! movie turned out to be in English and Telugu. I enjoyed it. Ma didnt like it much. But both of us bawled away. Worth a watch.

Gala in a sulk!

Originally uploaded by Prabhu.
Took this picture against her wish coz i wanted her to see how much this purple color top suited her and of course the bag.. especially coz both have been selected by me!!!

Wednesday, October 20

Bride and Prejudice

Originally uploaded by HughPee.
Seen it twice but that's not to say the movie was soooo wonderful... it's a bit over the top but i found it quite entertaining...

Tuesday, October 19

Mummy at the Club

Originally uploaded by Prabhu.
We went to Tolly on Sunday. Unlike other weekends it wasnt so crowded. We had lunch at the Chinese Restaurant and then Mummy, Ujwala and Gala had a swim. Had tea outside and then headed home. Detoured to the new Shoppers Stop Mall where Gala picked up quite a few new Hindi movies. Click on the link below to seem 3 more photos.

Link to the rest of the Photos

Saturday, October 16

Curtain samples

Originally uploaded by Prabhu.

Here's another look at the sample pieces for the curtain
1. gala's b/room
2. nanda living room / gala g/room
3. gala ironing room
4. nanda b/room
5. nanda b/room - sheer

Send a picture once the Blinds and Curtains have been put up! - Ujwala - October 31, 2004

Elephants in Escher style

Originally uploaded by HughPee.

M C Escher's work has always facinated me. i stumbled across a very cool java applet which lets you try and make your own escher type drawing. I've put a link on the picture, the header and below in case you're interested in trying it out!

the link below will take you the officially maintained escher site..

This picture is a b&w one but you should see the combos used by escher - really outstanding

Pa you will enjoy this site.

Sunday, October 3

Netflix, TiVo team up on broadband movies to the home


Yahoo! News - Netflix, TiVo team up on broadband movies to the home

This is definitely good news for rajeev 'n gala and nanda... if she buys a TIVO :D i for one would've been real pleased...

Sunday, September 26

Sangeeta on the Web!

Sango in the news!

thought that you might like to check out Sango's articles on the Net. She's been writing for the Afternoon, Mumbai for a while now...

Sunday, July 25

Moving to Mumbai!

Packers are about to take my mumputer :(.... wont have it for over a month!! double :((

Monday, July 19

New York Holiday Photographs

please click on the header or this photograph and let me know what you think of the rest of the photographs that i've put up at the dotmac site....

Sunday, July 18

Flickr: Calendar view

Originally uploaded by HughPee.

This is truly cool and way better than anything anybody else offers right now! What good is the application if you cannot share photos, right?? Flickr is what I am talking about... For the windows world there is another option called Hello which is owned Picasa which has recently been bought over by Google and is detailed in the last post and links. 80% of the images that i've put on the 3 blogs are from Flickr.


Originally uploaded by HughPee.

Automated Digital Photo Organizer software, instant photo albums, sharing & printing. Recently bought over by Google. Picasa runs only on windows as macs already have iPhoto :P

They also have this application called hello which lets you post images directly to the blog. I'm using Flickr as it is Mac friendly plus it also allows me to email the photo with the write-up directly to the website.

Friday, July 16

Internet Archive

Originally uploaded by HughPee.
I was reading about the Internet Bookmobile and the problems when they had a run in with the cops etc in a park in the us. discovered that we have one of those mobile vans in india too... office in noida and then with some more surfing discovered this archive - full of wonderful things....

Books no longer under copyright (project gutenberg is just one of the sites), Web pgs archived from 1996, Audio and video...

looks like a fantastic site...

Push Button Website

What If?

What if building a web site were as easy as surfing the web? What if it were free and it you didn't have to learn about HTML? What if you could build web pages using your current email account or add images by instant messaging Would you use it to build a personal or business web site? Yes? Okay, well here it is.

(click on the header of this post to read the short informative article on Blogger)

Thursday, July 15

Family Blog

my dotmac account gave me a free blog application a year ago... i sat on it.. didnt know quite what to do with it :D but when I stumbled across it again, while springcleaning my desktop, over two months ago, i started
hoping that my friends would take to it but they havent :D but that hasnt stopped me!!

a blog is like an online journal by one or shared by many, like ours will be.

i was talking to galu about it and she said why not have one for our family and i thought that is was a wonderful idea. I was supposed to have set it up during this visit but didnt... but never mind coz i've put it up now.

we can put anything at all here...
i would like you'll to read the information (there's not an overwhelming amt and you could do it in tiny, slow stages :D ) at
and bookmark this site

It'll take me a few days to make it prettier and all suggestions are welcome. if all of you are excited about it - i'll send out the invites... havent done so so far coz i'm afraid that you'll will delete the mail thinking it is junk mail..

hoping to hear from you on this site itself... just click on comments on this post. i want comments like why dont you remove this, add that, change the name of this website or change the color of the heading anything... feel free to send me a quick email...