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Sunday, August 21

Create PDF's for free

there are times when you need to send a document and you're not sure if the recipient has the same application, as you, to open the doc that's when sending it in pdf format comes in handy. here's a site which does it for you.

Saturday, August 20


Originally uploaded by HughPee.
Charcoal and Chalk from a photograph. Not a very accurate rendering. Better than my earlier efforts - I think.

Jisho - The Japanese English Dictionary

Looks like a very nice, detailed japanese / english dictionary with the japanese word also in (romaji) english script. Unfortunately it is for mac only.

Friday, August 19

Plantraco's RTF Butterfly - Fly in your Livingroom!


Imagine flying a little plane in your living room and controlling it with a remote! Would make a neat toy for a boy but a it's a bit expensive at 250usd.

Wednesday, August 17


Originally uploaded by HughPee.
These little girls look absolutely adorable. They are sitting at one of the entrances to the college courtyard. I pass them every day both to
class and back. I'm enjoying the college experience very much.

Ramesh Sleeping

Ramesh Sleeping
Originally uploaded by HughPee.
This is the homework that I worked on over the weekend. Ramesh is fidgety even while sleeping!! Tell me what you think.


Originally uploaded by HughPee.
First week at college was spent drawing and the second week doing this oil painting. His left leg is tooooo long, that I can see. The teacher worked on his face and then I tried to change it and messed it up a bit. All comments welcome :D

Histogram Tips

I think we've all wanted to adjust / correct some of the digital photos that we've taken which were too dark or too bright. One way of sorting that out is using histograms in your photo application. Here are some tips on understanding and using histograms. Do check it out. I used histograms to correct Ramesh's b'day snaps which were a bit too dark. I cant say that I've cracked it but it did make 90% of the snaps look way better - you can now actually see faces!!

The Digital Photography Blog has several other wonderful tips on composition etc. Do take a look when you find the time.

Wednesday, August 10

Delivr Digital Postcards

Will send you'll postcards as soon as the search Flickr option starts working.

"Digital postcards for the people by
the people...just select an image from the most recent displayed on the home page, search
all 600,000 images*, or lookup your own pix to create a unique custom postcards."


This seems like an interesting site. I will try it out over the coming weekend and update this post.

Oops! It isnt done automatically online. You need to mail your photograph to the website owners. They will decide whether to adjust the photograph for free or charge you a sum. Sounds highly avoidable! Just forget it.