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Sunday, October 31

Kal Ho Na Ho

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Enjoyed the movie but like gala said it's a sob fest! Even sat through most of the songs without fast forwarding - gala had the cd while she was here and most of them were familiar.

And surprise, surprise.. all 3 of us watched it this evening and Pa said that he enjoyed it! So now Nadio there's only you left.. or have you watched it already??

Samsung Slim

Samsung Slim
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Please make a note of our no.
we can be contacted always on this number during the coming holiday. we will send additional contact no.s like kaka's etc soon.

Saturday, October 30

Dinner Party

Dinner Party
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There were 20 of us for dinner on Oct 27th. Lots of folks and fun. Gala will fill you in on the details but the Bhaskarans, Baruas, Pais, Pramodanna were amongst the guests

Click on the photograph to see more pictures..


Morning Raga

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Off to see this movie in just a few minutes... will update

Surprise, surprise! movie turned out to be in English and Telugu. I enjoyed it. Ma didnt like it much. But both of us bawled away. Worth a watch.

Gala in a sulk!

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Took this picture against her wish coz i wanted her to see how much this purple color top suited her and of course the bag.. especially coz both have been selected by me!!!

Wednesday, October 20

Bride and Prejudice

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Seen it twice but that's not to say the movie was soooo wonderful... it's a bit over the top but i found it quite entertaining...

Tuesday, October 19

Mummy at the Club

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We went to Tolly on Sunday. Unlike other weekends it wasnt so crowded. We had lunch at the Chinese Restaurant and then Mummy, Ujwala and Gala had a swim. Had tea outside and then headed home. Detoured to the new Shoppers Stop Mall where Gala picked up quite a few new Hindi movies. Click on the link below to seem 3 more photos.

Link to the rest of the Photos

Saturday, October 16

Curtain samples

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Here's another look at the sample pieces for the curtain
1. gala's b/room
2. nanda living room / gala g/room
3. gala ironing room
4. nanda b/room
5. nanda b/room - sheer

Send a picture once the Blinds and Curtains have been put up! - Ujwala - October 31, 2004

Elephants in Escher style

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M C Escher's work has always facinated me. i stumbled across a very cool java applet which lets you try and make your own escher type drawing. I've put a link on the picture, the header and below in case you're interested in trying it out!

the link below will take you the officially maintained escher site..

This picture is a b&w one but you should see the combos used by escher - really outstanding

Pa you will enjoy this site.

Sunday, October 3

Netflix, TiVo team up on broadband movies to the home


Yahoo! News - Netflix, TiVo team up on broadband movies to the home

This is definitely good news for rajeev 'n gala and nanda... if she buys a TIVO :D i for one would've been real pleased...