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Sunday, October 23

left profile

Pawan 1

left profile
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We have 3 days for making this portrait. very tight schedule. 2 days are up and i hope i complete it tomorrow. we start on our second portrait on tuesday. I've messed up quite a bit but i guess i'm being easy on myself as it is my first bust. I shall put a picture of the model. just cant locate it at the moment. my model seems to be looking up and the reason for that is that the stand i have is too tall for me... i think... anyway more later. looking forward to some feedback.

Monday, October 17

Imagination Cubed

This is cool. Looks like GE is hosting this site and drawing application. I shall put up my doodle as soon as i receive the copy that i emailed to myself! Try it out. It's fun!

ge drawing

Sunday, October 16

Great Book Recommendations

All you avid readers are sure to enjoy this one. Feed in the names of a few books and it suggests the names of books that you would like to read. This seems to me to be similar to Amazons recommendations and it is based on the data given by other users of this service. if their suggestions are ones that you have already read add them to your list and look for more. I've just fed in about 10 books and got a nice list of suggestions from the site. Let me know if it helps you find a good book.

Year by Year: 1900-2004

Lots of information available at this site - almanacs, dictionary, thesaurus etc.. i was sent a link for the year by year details and out of curiosity checked out the events that had happened the year that I was born. It is mostly US based but I thought that maybe you would like to check it out too.

Saturday, October 15

New Recipes at Rasbhara

Some new recipes at Rasbhara. If you try any of them out do send me feedback. And mama i'm looking forward to getting some photographs to go with the recipes.

Check them out at Rasbhara Recipes


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Nads what do you think? i know it doesnt look too much like you but i'm just beginning.

there are some more photos that i've put up at flickr.... will put the paintings up by the end of the month.
Flickr - Ujwala's Photos


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Did one of ma last night. I wanted to do a drawing but then this photograph was handier. Ma do you like it?

Gala sketch

Gala Wedding

I seem to be making her nose progressively larger :P notice any improvement in the last one year?

Posted on October 30, 2004

Gala sketch
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using pa's account to blog this pict... coz the photos are on his desktop.

have been wanting to try this pict out during this holiday but wanted to do it once gala left! did it finally yesterday evening. what do you think? any likeness?

Monday, October 10

Seven Technologies That Change Everything

This article by Om Malik in Business 2.0 makes an interesting read. T'will give you a quick headsup on new and emerging technologies. Some you use and are not aware of like AJAX. Have a look.

Tuesday, October 4