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Saturday, February 12

Save your favorite show forever!

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this one is for Galu...
Bit of an exaggeration... here's instructions on how you can use the new Tivo to go option to transfer programs that you want to save to your computer allowing you save more stuff on your Tivo!! have fun!
(as always click on the header to go to the site with the info.)

Friday, February 11

eBook: Learning Digital Photography

Aperture and Depth of Field
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This an entire book on Learning Digital Photography on the Net. Available to you, free, to read at your leisure. You will find details about using a digital camera, about the various settings and then how to make corrections to the pictures that you've already taken. I thought that Mummy might like to spend some time reading this and trying it out on some photos.

Photography Tips

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Even though this is a site for their Digital Rebel camera, you will find a lot of useful tips and tricks for using your Digital Camera. have a look.

Tuesday, February 8

HallMark eCards

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Got this really cute hallmark b'day ecard from Gala 'n Rajeev. T'was my first hallmark one. Check it out you might like to use it the next time you send out a card. You'll find some really nice ones.

Monday, February 7


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This is the place to check out all the new camera announcements for 2005 and the place to check how much the prices of earlier models have dropped. Nanda, Gala do check it out.

Sunday, February 6

Sting Live - Feb 6, Delhi

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Going for the concert tomorrow. Have to leave home at 5:30 to make it for a 7pm show. Will put in an update tomorrow.

We left finally at around 6pm and the drive which should've taken as half an hr to get there ended up taking 15mins short of 2 hrs!!

Then we had a wonderful concert. His voice was wonderful as ever and along with new no.s he played all the old favorites. We had a super time.

Saturday, February 5

PictureM for Multiple Images

Here's a truly wonderful service which allows you to put up film strips and multiple photos in one post. Wonderful to put up Holiday Photos with a film strip effect. The service is free and they even provide a space for you to put up your own web page (blog) with these photos. Check it out.

The Rule Of Four

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Was expecting another Da Vinci Code and so was disappointed. Having said that I did stay up almost all night to finish it!

Battery Free Remote

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PoGo! Products has just launched the EZPower universal remote control, a hand-cranked remote that never needs new batteries. Supposedly, winding up the little jog dial at the bottom of the remote will give you enough power for seven days of use, and it̢۪ll work with up to six different devices (TV, VCR, Cable, SAT, AUX, DVD) and is available now for $25US. source