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Thursday, January 26

Sloth Bear

The first days Safari was very nice with a lot of animals but no tiger. We saw this Sloth Bear towards the tail end of the first visit into the Ranthambore Wild Life Sanctuary. Ramesh testing out his new camera skills.

Friday, January 13


one of the most painful things about texting is using the 9 buttons to key out your message. there have been several services which allow you to send sms's to mobile phones from pc's but they have required too much information and fallen by the wayside. teleflip seems to be awfully easy to use, you just need to send an email to (cellphonenumber) with your message and it is done! I thought that Rajeev, Nanda and Gala might find this easy to use but of course you need access to a pc so if you're out on the streets and need to send a long message just grin and bear it. Gala, I've sent you a test message. Give me a heads up when you receive it.

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Neha and Arjun - Jan 4, 2006

Neha and Arjun
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Both looked lovely and kept smiling right through. This snap was taken on Jan 1st at Kusum Didi's house. She had a get together before all the planned wedding celebrations started.

Sunday, January 8

Vivek-Vandana Engagement

Vivek-Vandana Engagement
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Vivek & Vandana exchanged rings on 25th Dec. 2005 at the engagement ceremony held in Shimoga .

New Year (2006) Eve get together

New Year (2006) Eve get together
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All of us met at Anil - Usha Pai's place in Alipore Estate to celebrate New Years Eve. Usha Pais father, a Swamy at Sidhabadi, Chinmaya Mission was also with us. Pais produced an elaborate & tasty dishes both Veg. & non-veg and drinks. All of us had an excellent time.

Friday, January 6

The Food Section

This one is for you 3 foodies living in ny. let me know if you do find it useful. - December 2005


Here's another site on food that I'm sure you will enjoy reading. This one is more about food than recipes.  Give it a try.