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Tuesday, December 27

Look what I found!

Do you remember this photograph? I found it with Vini. I dont know how it got there and she couldnt remember either. Thought that it would bring a smile back on your faces. We looked so different, didnt we? Nads, you and Mashantakka, are the ones who look more or less the same. Pa and Ma had obviously already been to Kathmandu as the cane backed painting of the cranes is already up on the wall.

Sunday, December 25

Pawan left

Pawan left
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this work remained incomplete and is by now back to clay. i couldnt take a mould as i hadnt finished it so i decided to take some photos instead as a keepsake.

Sunday, December 18

Satya Narayana Pooja

Emailing: Satya Narayana Pooja
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We performed Satya Narayana Pooja today at Ved Vyas Bhavan. About 100 persons participated. It went off very well.

Saturday, December 17

Paintings by the Jayaramans

Ramesh's mum and dad both made a painting each during their recent trip to Delhi. I wish they'd managed to do more. The painting of the bride has been made by his mum and the landscape by his dad. For his dad this was his first oil painting and he really enjoyed making it. Ramesh's mum has made a few more in the recent past.

Blushing Bride Landscape

FoodieView - The Recipe Search Engine

Nadio this one is for you :D. It's a search engine specialising in locating food recipes. happy hunting!

Friday, December 16

The Principal - Pen and Ink

The Principal
Ramesh one of our teachers has been working on Pen and Ink studies in classs while we have been struggling with our Portrait exercise. I've been sorely tempted to copy him but decided that maybe i should do them at home :p. Made this one and one more of me last night in my sketchbook. Mr Vijaymohan's I have made using a photograph taken in class a few days ago as a reference.

Self Portraits

I've put below the new self portrait below along with 3 more that i had made earlier. One difference is that this one and the one right at the bottom are from a photographs and the two sandwiched in between were with the help of a mirror. Which one do you vote for? And of course you have to choose one :D I showed sango the middle one when she was here a week ago. She said that there was a lot of likeness except for the nose. She thought that i was trying to be kind to myself by drawing a smaller nose than the one that i had!! :D

self portraitSelf PortraitSelf PortraitMoi

Mariam has finally gone and.....

Mariam has finally gone and
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Iti, Mariam and Jasmine

.......... we now have Jasmine. The girl sitting on the far right. It's still the settling in period for her. A bit of a shirker but as Ramesh says we might as well put up with her as we have her for just a short while more. Till we move!!

Wednesday, December 14

Life Drawing with the Principal

3rd Week with the Principal
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One week has extended to 3 and we're having a great time learning the basics of proportion both for figure and portrait drawing. Havent quite mastered it but the fundas are clearer.

Friday, December 9

Yoga, Religion and Philosophy

This site has a lot of books on/from the Sivananda School of Yoga in pdf format ready for download. And I have downloaded a few to see what they are like. Will keep you'll posted.

Thursday, December 8

Mummy's 70th Birthday

Mummy's 70th Birthday
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Here's a photo taken on mummy's 70th birthday.

Monday, December 5

PXN8.COM - Photos Made Easy

I had recommended another site a while back and later on, while trying it, I discovered that they expected you to email your photographs to them and they would correct them for a fee!!

Well this one is just what you need. upload your photograph from your desktop or Flickr account and make some basic changes - rotating, lighten, brighten, change contrast, crop, red eye reduction, teeth whitening :P etc.. I tried it out with a photograph of mine from Flickr. Nice Results. And like quite a few other things on the web nowadays it is free :)

Saturday, December 3


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I'm sure all of you'll (including mama) will agree that her picture was a better attempt. well, i hadnt done any for quite a few days and decided that i must start again. There are a couple more picts at Flickr. Click on the photo to get there.