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Saturday, November 6

Aik Thee Nani!

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Saw this play last night. Really enjoyed it. Zohra is now 92 and her sister Uzra 5 years younger. They were incredibly energetic and it was a great performance.

A bit about the play....
Ajoka Theatre̢۪s Aik Thee Nani
Two sisters, separated during partition, meet after 25 years in Lahore. Their granddaughter wants to become an actress - one sister opposes this desire while the other supports it. Aik Thee Nani was written as a tribute to Zohra Segal and Uzra Butt, who went their different ways soon after partition, and could not act together on stage for several decades. Both actresses were leading ladies in Prithviraj Kapoor̢۪s travelling theatre company, Prithvi Theatres.

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