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Sunday, May 1

Creating and Maintaining Terrariums, Landscapes in Miniature

A Terrarium as defined by the Columbia Univ Press Dictionary
a miniature garden in an artificial environment, in which small plants and animals may be kept as ornament or for educational purposes. Fish bowls, small fish tanks, large bottles, and carboys are often employed as containers for terrariums; such vessels permit the necessary entrance of light for photosynthesis by the plants, and are suitable for display. The most important aspect of a terrarium is its relatively high humidity, maintained either by using a container with only a small aperture or by keeping the container covered. The humid atmosphere enables mosses and other sensitive woodland plants to flourish.

I've been thinking of trying this out for a while. The advantage is that since it is sort of sealed, it needs to be watered once every 2-3weeks!! Currently I'm trying to grow a Green Chilli Plant. Not in a Terrarium as yet! Ma, do you want to try it out?? The Aquarium is still at home isnt it? I shall keep you'll posted if I start one.

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