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Wednesday, May 10

Savory New York

Since you guys love to eat and to eat out, I thought that you might enjoy this site. Savory New York has links to reviews and restaurant listings in NY - including maps, directions, contact details etc. And they are updating the information frequently too. Here's are links to their information on Sripraphai and Sushi Yasuda.

The Savory New York Restaurant Guide is a wiki site. Most wiki sites are written collaboratively by contributors around the world and usually anybody can edit and add to an article ( def ). The Savory site allows this too but after you get in touch with them
"Since your site is a wiki, can I contribute?
Absolutely, however we ask that you please send us a note to let us know. We'll brief you on how we organize our listing information and what our posting guidelines are."

So in case you do use their site and want to update the information listed, drop them a line.

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