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Friday, September 22

Make your own Pollack

make pollack.jpg

Mummy this one's for you. Do you remember noticing Jackson Pollock's art in MOMA? I remember you saying that you'd like to try one of your own. Well, here's your chance.

Go to the Jackson Pollock site or the earlier one at Stamen
You'll come to a blank page in either site.
Move your mouse around to make the marks
Everytime you click the colour changes
Have fun!
Send me a copy of your effort.

Found this first on Drawn! soon after our visit in July and thought of you and making this post. This image has been lying on my desk for more than a month now. Today another site, Lines and Colors has made a mention of this site and reminded me again. Both sites are updated regularly with art and related information. You should check them out, you'll find them interesting and fun.

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1 comment:

Corn Bread said...

i love this. i use a similar abstract painting technique in my paintings. Jackson Pollack was a great artist. I love all the color combonations and tricks he did with brushes and gravity. Cheers and thanks for sharing.